What now?

Dear blog readers

It’s been about 8 months now since my 100 days of Asia, and 2 months since my last blogpost so I thought I’d better fill you in as to what’s happened since, and my future plans.

So here’s the story continued

I returned back home to England on June 8th 2016. I was around £3000-£4000 poorer, with no job but I had put a little money aside for this eventuality. My family welcomed me back and to be honest it seemed like nothing really changed.

Soon enough, after about 2 months I’d found myself 2 job offers in similar work to what I was doing before.

And I accepted one of them that offered me a higher salary and some really crazy perks. The office I work in has hover boards, free massages, a lovely workplace cafe (sometimes with live singers), free beer on Friday etc

But despite all this, something just didn’t feel right. Let me explain.

I always knew it would be hard to return to a normal job after travelling. It was actually one of my fears before I embarked on my trip in Asia, that feeling that everything would seem boring in comparison and you’d always yearn for more.

Most people call this feeling ‘the travel bug’ or some people describe it as having ‘itchy feet’. 

Still, I took the job in good faith and thought I’d use my holiday time in order to take trips and visit places. I thought I’d take a two week trip to the Philippines around October/November 2016 and that would satisfy me.

But as I finished my training and started to work long hour weeks, I wondered why I was choosing this path when what I really wanted was some way to mix a dream of travel with a cold hard reality of the need to generate an income.

You see, here is the problem with backpacking the way I did it.

It relies on you saving a lot of money, quitting your job, spending it all having an amazing time and then coming back home completely broke back at square one.

The ‘dream’ part is clearly the travel and the ‘reality’ part is realising you’re spending all your money and ending up broke by the end of it.

 I wondered why I was choosing this path when what I really wanted was some way to mix a dream of travel with a cold hard reality of the need to generate an income.

So rather than taking a trip somewhere and coming back with no money again, i’ve spent the last 6 months or so trying to save as much money as I could, ready for phase 2 of my plans.

For if I am about to do something slightly crazy, I figure I need the money to finance it initially…

With this in mind, i’ve been working 55+hour weeks, keeping my head down and not really socialising. I’ve kept my outgoings low and my wages high in order to build a small pot of savings.

And here’s the plan…

I have one more week of working in the UK.

On Monday 6th March, i’ll be taking a flight back to the Philippines where I have an Airbnb rented for about a month in Manila, after that we’ll see.

I want to put all my energy into trying to startup an online business whilst living in the Philippines (and some energy into a bit of Phillipines travel 😛)

I know there’s a great community of entrepreneurs in Asia, plentiful co-working spaces and inspiration to create something that is mine.

And that’s the short version of it really.

My eyes are wide open

I recognise just how crazy this may seem in itself. Quitting my job again to live on saved money in the belief I can have my Steve Jobs moment might sound kind of cool but I’m also a pragmatic person.

I rate my chances of ‘success’ at around 10%

In other words, I assess this as having a 90% chance of failure. …And when I say ‘failure‘ I mean not being able to establish an ongoing income from an online business enough to sustain myself before having to return to England for lack of funds.

But I will still take this risk.

Without sounding too cliche, I’d much rather regret something I dared to do, than never to have tried to do it at all.

Stay tuned.