Days 94-98 – Kuala Lumpur

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t intend to go to Kuala Lumpur.

I didn’t know anything about Kuala Lumpur. (Spoiler: I still don’t)

I just needed a cheap way to get back to Bangkok where my return flight to the UK was leaving and I had a few days spare.

So this isn’t going to be a blog post of ‘I’m a KL Expert because I got a I HEART KL T-shirt’. It’s more like… ‘Oooo look over there, that’s a tall building’…

My first piece of business was leaving the Philippines…

Most people complain about the bureaucracy in the Philippines, the constant fees added, queues etc

Well, no issues at this immigration desk. 🙂


Entering KL seemed like entering an out of place rich city in what is probably quite a poor country

** For the purpose of seeming ‘hip, cool and awesome’ i’m going to refer to Kuala Lumpur as KL. Heart-felt apologies to my older readership.



KL Airport is a beast of an airport, mainly due to Air Asia providing low fares across Asia. Still, it’s got good transport options and I was soon on the KL Express Train that took me straight to my hostel.

Okay, rewind.

On this express train thing, there was some guy that was annoying me. I can’t fully remember why? I think he was looking at me and sometimes that’s enough to annoy me when i’m sleep deprived.

I tried to ignore him but turned out he was heading to the same hostel that I was so when I arrived at the hostel I made a little small talk, and then got to my room.

A nice touch I thought. ‘Christopher’

I don’t even get paid to write this or anything (feel free to pay me though) but if you’re in KL, you should totally stay at Back Home Hostel.

It’s relaxed and friendly and mostly full of Europeans like me. As always I met lots of people yada yada.

Some of the stand-out people i’d like to dedicate some of this post to include;

Flo Rida’ – No, not the actual Flo Rida sadly, just a Dutch guy called Floris. But an awesome one at that. I spent most of my time in KL with him.

English guy I can’t remember your name. – Sorry, I went to the big Petronas towers with you and I haven’t even taken the courtesy of remembering your name. Damn. Call yourself a blogger. Gosh.


wp-1479641565155.jpg wp-1479641556981.jpg wp-1479641609770.jpg

Apparently, seeing the Petronas Towers is one of the main things to do in KL.

So me and un-named English guy did just this, walking through KL, getting a little lost whilst trying to find a stonking great building to get a few pictures like the ones above.


When we got there, we found it was actually a 2 hour wait to get to go up the tower which obviously would have been longer if it weren’t for being such a great planner.

After some instruction audio from a hologram (not a joke), they let us up to the skybridge between the towers.

Dun Dun Dun

Quite tall apparently
View inside the bridge
Looking out to another nearby tower

Other things I did in KL…

Visit the Markets


All the normal things, fake sunglasses, football shirts,  street food. Enough said.

Beers, Pool, and Pool?

I’ll save you the trouble of travelling 6549 miles to KL and tell you that if you want alcohol, KL shouldn’t be near the top of your list.

Me and Flo Rida, tried to hunt down bars with cheap alcohol but the only thing we could find were some not very nice mojitos. Prices at bars were more than London prices to put in perspective.

Little did Flo Rida know i’d beat him at pool mwhahaha

Our hostel didn’t have a bar, so we sweet talked the guards at a nearby rival hostel to let us in to play some pool and have some drinks.


In the evening we found some more bars and Flo told me a story of how he’d gone to a local massage parlour, apparently in the innocent belief that it was for a normal massage but was offered and declined somewhat more than he’d bargained for.

Whilst I believed him, it was pretty obvious to me when he showed me the place that he definately should have realised sooner , given, well, the scantily dressed girls chasing people down the street and the general area.

On the next day…

Flo talked me into going to a swimming pool in a hotel in a mall that apparently allowed non-guest access.

Well, it didn’t. The hotel staff soon realised we weren’t guests and our sweet talking didn’t do us any favours. Oh dear they even called security on us.

We found ourselves instead spending the day quite surreally in an indoor theme park in a shopping mall. No pics unfortunately but it was just bizarre.

That was pretty much my time up in KL.

I think i’ll leave summing up KL to people cleverer than me or for when I go back someday.