Days 74-82 – Boracay

Boracay was basically my holiday, within a holiday. A chance to take just over a week to chill out on the beach, read a book, and start to think about something that I didn’t want to… that the end of my hundred days of South East Asia was getting nearer…

But first, I had to actually get to the island of Boracay. So naturally I took my millionth flight of the trip. There are two main airports people fly to in order to get there; Kalibo and Caticlan. If you fly to Kalibo then you have to get a minivan for about 2 hours to the port, and so the flights are cheaper. But I flew to Caticlan because i’m lazy, here’s my journey…


Firstly I flew on Cebu Pacific from Cebu to Caticlan. There are two reasons that Cebu Pacific are just about one of the most awesome short-haul airlines i’ve flown on…

  • Cebu Pacific always gave me free exit row seats? I never paid for them or pre-selected any seats but this was very welcome given that most Filipino’s are a lot shorter than me.Maybe they took pity on me.
  • An inflight quiz!!! About half way through the flight, one of the cabin crew went on the tanoy and announced they would ask 3 questions, and the first person to raise their hand and answer correctly would win a prize. How cool is that? Unfortunately I didn’t win – though I did know the answers!! (okay, okay I was too much of a chicken to actually play along haha)

Once at Caticlan Airport, I had to pay a few pesos to get a trike to the port, and then get a boat over to the island…


And then once I arrived at the island, I took another trike to where I was staying. For just 550PHP a night (only ~£9 which is very cheap on Boracay!!), I had myself a private room at a place called Trafalgar Cottages which was a 2 min walk from the beach front.

Basic but did the job.

So here’s basically what I did just about every day on a budget in Boracay:

  • Wake up err whenever I wanted to. Generally quite early though because I had breakfast nearly every day at The Sunny Side Cafe . IF YOU GO TO BORACAY, YOU MUST HAVE BREAKFAST HERE… THE PEOPLE ARE LOVELY, THE FOOD PORTIONS ARE HUGE, AND IT WAS ONLY TWO MINS AWAY FROM WHERE I STAYED.
  • Look for a sunlounger to relax on. This basically involved me bribing a member of staff at a different hotel to use one of their sunloungers. I saw people on the internet saying to buy a drink and you could use one for free but I never saw that so I just gave a few pesos to a guard and suddenly I was a ‘valued guest’ haha
  • Take a swim in the sea, grab some lunch at a beachside restaurant, have a drink at a bar, read a book, walk along the beach ❤
  • Take a shower around 5pm then walk along the beach, watching the sunset, get some food from a restaurant and enjoy live music, fire shows and some drinks


So here’s some of my pictures of my time on Boracay…

In the day:


In the afternoon:

Despite the boat telling me to, I didn’t go to McDonalds haha
Did I forget Volleyball!

In the evening:


I loved my lazy days in Boracay ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


8 thoughts on “Days 74-82 – Boracay

    1. Hey Monica! Nope I’m back in rainy England at the moment. I assume you finished your German studying now because I’ll be in Gießen soon which I think is quite near to where you were. Other than that I’ll be in the Philippines towards the end of the year but don’t know the details yet.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi, Chris! Oh, what a bummer! I finished my exchange program and now in Manila. That is so mean, Gießen is just the neighbor town of Marburg. I think 20mins by train? Haha! Seems like we couldn’t meet.

        What will you do here at the end of the year? Your plan to meet a beautiful Filipina has not been accomplished? 🙂 I might be busy starting November, but let’s see.

        I’m reading your posts because I am planning to go to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos for a very spontaneous and my first-ever solo backpacking in Asia. Wish me luck!

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      2. I’m gonna meet back up with a Filipina I met in Puerto Princessa/El Nido that lives in Manila and I’ll solo up North Luzon at least I think 🤔

        How long are you going to spend in the countries?

        Highlights for me would be:


        Luang Prabang is lovely

        Vang Vieng if you like drinking

        Some people went to the 4000 islands (like Don Det) but I didnt as would have required a big detour.


        I self admit I didnt give Cambodia a proper chance but if you like history there’s a lot of history there with the Khmer Rouge reign.

        Vietnam …

        100% Hoi An, I know you’d love it there. Pretty old town, and loads of things to do plus you could get a cheap tailored dress!

        Sapa – if you head up to Hanoi, do a trip to Sapa, it was brilliant!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh, finally! I hope your chase for a beautiful Filipina ends there 🙂 North Luzon is beautiful – I go there at least once a year. That is why I am not sure if I wanna go to Sapa, we have something up north (Batad) that rivals Sapa.

        Have local friends over Phnom Penh and Vientiane, but I wanna go to Siem Reap and Luang Prabang. I am more concerned traveling to and from Laos as I have heard the roads are challenging and travel time is long.

        Hmm you sell Hoi An well with “cheap tailored dress” haha! I wanna go to a cooking class there actually, but a nice dress would be nice, too.


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