Days 66-68 – Leaving Vietnam

Having just had a wonderful time in Halong Bay and Sapa I arrived back at the hostel in Hanoi.

Normally i’ll try and post lots of pictures on my 100 days of Asia tour…

Unfortunately, for the next 3 days I had contracted the dreaded man flu, so I did virtually nothing other than pray I wouldn’t need an operation, amputation, or to be repatriated back home with a hero’s welcome back. It was so bad that I changed my dorm room to a private room and got through multiple toilet rolls from constantly blowing my nose. Travelling didn’t get much tougher than this.

My visa for Vietnam expired soon, and I had an onward flight to the PHILIPPINES!!

When I originally decided (all that time ago…) to hand in my notice, quit my job and travel, the Phillipines was the #1 place I wanted to go. I had heard so much about the golden beaches, island hopping and the lovely people. So I was so excited to fulfil that part of my dream.

But Vietnam was such an amazing place and it was a little sad to leave.

  • This was the first foreign country I had ever spent about a month in and it felt like a sense of achievement, travelling all the way from down south in Ho Chi Minh to the northern heights of Sapa.
  • Perhaps I say this everywhere, but I had met bucket loads of friends that I know i’ll be bumping into in the future. One great thing about Vietnam is that everyone is either going North-South or South-North, and well, when you make friends with people going the same direction, you tend to bump into them quite a lot, even if you’re not travelling with them.
  • Cheap Beer!!!
  • Funny locals – from the staff at hostels, the tour guides we had in Sapa and Halong Bay, the people in restaurants.

I only left with 2 main regrets:

  • I never drove a motorbike. I’m sure it would have terrified me but hey there’s no fun in your comfort zone!! I did go on the back of one briefly though.
  • The Karaoke in Hoi An was shut when we tried to go and I really wanted to do Karaoke with locals in Asia. Spoiler alert: I did manage to do this in the end later in my travels!!

So in the evening of Day 68/100 of my travels, I headed to Hanoi airport to get a flight to Manila, where I would then connect on to Cebu.

Very worryingly, my flight at around 1am was no-where to be seen on the flight board.

Despite the flight seemingly not listed on the flight board, I did find the check-in desk and my flight did in fact exist.

In fact, when I checked in, it turned out that someone on the Halong Bay tour was also getting the same flight, though was taking a different onward flight. Was nice to bump into him though.

And that was that, one overnight flight to the Philippines and farewell Vietnam… for now.


15 thoughts on “Days 66-68 – Leaving Vietnam

    1. Hey Matt, I can give you an idea of what I spent but what you spend will depend on how you will be travelling? I.e. Hotels or hostels, lots of tours or do it yourself etc

      If you read through my blog posts you’ll see exactly what I got for my money and how I travelled but the bottom line is Vietnam is very cheap.

      Looking through my bank statements from the time, in total I spent 15 million dong over 26 days. That is approximately 577,000 dong a day.

      That includes hostels, food, beer, train journeys I bought, tours to Sapa, Halong Bay, snorkelling in Hoi An etc so is including anything I spent.

      I saw beer as low as 5000 dong, but usually more like 10000-15000 for a bottle.

      Food is cheap. Local style street food can be had for around 30000 dong or less. Something like a banh mi local sandwich or rice and meat.

      Goes without saying but of course you can haggle on most things, even if there’s a price list e.g. A massage.

      There’s big variation on booking things like tours to Halong Bay. Cheapest and best was booking via our hostel.

      If you can, go to Hoi An (especially as a couple), but do beware if you get anything tailored like a suit or a dress, all the tailors pay commissions to hostels so their recommendations are biased.

      Anything else, leave a comment.



  1. Ha! I am so happy to read that Philippines is #1 place you would like to visit. I am excited to read your post about my country. Too bad I saw this just now. We could’ve met! I just arrived in my country less than two weeks ago and will be staying here for now. It has been raining since I arrived. I know it won’t be the best time for beaches, but I hope you still enjoyed!

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    1. Hey! Philippines was awesome, I spent about a month there so i’ll be writing all about it in my next few blog posts 🙂 I won’t be back in the Philippines until somewhen in November or December though. Still got another 7000 or so islands left to see haha. Weather was okay for first 3 weeks, and then I went to El Nido and it rained quite alot, but hey, I’m British so i’m used to that!!



      1. Read your Cebu post and couldn’t wait for the one featuring Bohol. I usually do a twin trip with those two islands. So how many islands did you cover so far? Let me know when you will be here next and hopefully I am in my country during that time. Would be nice to meet a fellow traveler who loves my country much!
        – Monica

        P.S. Does it also get flooded in UK? In Manila, rain and flood can be a nasty combination.

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  2. The locals in Veitnam are so funny! I found that in Cambodia they were a lot of fun too which one tuck-tuck driver shouting yuk yuk at us while we were in one 😂 I also regret not driving a motorcycle through Vietnam but at the same time I did see a lot of travellers with injuries from them – but I think I’d be worth it!

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    1. Yeah I saw lots of people with burns on their leg from exhaust pipes but hey, I’m sure it’d heal by the time you get home. I did ride on the back of one once briefly but that’s not really the full experience for meee


      1. Yeah same. Everyone who’d been biking absolutely loved it and most had been able to sell thief bikes once they reached the opposite end of the country

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  3. Ahh I lost count of the islands and it’s not even 6am here yet so I have no hope! Maybe when the posts are up, you can do the maths. Re:meeting -I’ll let you know when I know. And yes it can get flooded in the UK every so often, it’s August so our summer time and still it rains!! 😒


      1. Yeah it’s looking like around end of November/ start of December will be around Manila and probably head around North Luzon, maybe Batanes. Failing that I think I’m actually likely to be in Germany or Madrid somewhen in October but not sure. P.S. Haven’t died, been really busy with new work for last 3 weeks but planning to get around to finally continuing my blog at the weekend.


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