Days 62-63 – Sapa

With my new friends from  Hanoi, we booked a tour through our hostel with some others to trek in the beautiful mountainous countryside of Sapa.

Sapa was located a little further north from Hanoi, so the tour started with an overnight sleeper bus to Sapa, leaving on the evening of Day 61, so that when we awoke in Sapa, this was the scene awaiting us…


The first day of our tour was a 13km trek through the countryside, reaching a homestay in the midst of Sapa, before another shorter day of trekking, returning back to Hanoi in the evening.

We were guided by a group of local women in traditional dress. They were lovely and amazingly fit at the same time – one of them did the trek whilst carrying a baby the entire way!

No the buffalo wasn’t part of our trekking group!

And so there were about 20 people in our group from the hostel including Anna, Angella and Mel that i’d already met. But there were some other awesome people I got to meet also…

There was a group of American girls with a guy that were all friends or family. The guy was training to be a Doctor so instantly got the nickname of Dr Karl and the girls were all a great laugh. They seemed to like my British humour too!


There were some other American girls travelling alone, one of which had been working as a teacher in Vietnam.

Oh and there were a couple of Dutch guys that had been travelling for 11 months! This was their final stop before going home which was kind of sad for them. Again, amazing laugh and we were constantly joking around.

The trek brought some AMAZING VIEWS but don’t take my word for it. Just look below…

wp-1471292275038.jpg wp-1471292226017.jpg wp-1471292199709.jpg wp-1471292175954.jpg wp-1471292134163.jpg wp-1471292118962.jpg wp-1471292065075.jpg

The trek itself was quite long and ended up destroying my Vans shoes i’d taken along. At one point I managed to step into a mud puddle which completely buried my feet. Oh well.. Mel had managed to slip down a hill, rolling down it but luckily was OK.

A lot of the local children were quite friendly, but i’m glad I wasn’t a girl during the trip. Local children had made these little bracelets and were constantly trying to sell them to the girls in our group.

Eventually we made it to our accomodation overnight. We were in a giant barn conversion, sleeping on little mattresses with mosquito nets over us.


When our group got there, we chilled, had some beers, played some cards and just chatted really. As the evening went on, we took it in turns to have a shower, had some group dinner, and then the power went as there was a storm so we all huddled together in the barn.

Before retiring to bed…


The next day we trekked our return, a much shorter 4km or so where we were taken to somewhere to have lunch before being told a van would take us to the nearby town.

Angella enjoying some more great views
Left: Dr Karl talking with the American girls – the people i’d met in Hanoi from the hostel on the further back table.

The van soon collected us to to the town to have a few hours of free time before we would get our return bus to Hanoi. Me, the Dutch guys, and Dr Karl decided to check out a café with quite some view, and sit back with cake.


And then our time was up, we headed back to the coach station, narrowly avoided missing our bus and were returned to the hostel in Hanoi where I had an overnight sleep before my next trip, this time to Halong Bay!


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