Days 49-51 Da Lat

Day 49 and time to get a bus from the coastal town of Nha Trang to the mountainous region of Da Lat. People had told me to go there and who am I to defy the will of the people?

An uneventful 4 hour bus journey took place, the most interesting thing being quite a pretty service station stop on the way…

Road stops aren’t quite so picturesque in the UK

Da Lat was originally developed by the French in the 1900s and is a lot cooler than the rest of Vietnam.

Upon arriving I wondered if i’d been transported back to Britain as it was raining, cloudy and generally miserable.

I found my way to the homestay hostel and checked in;


I talked to a small group of English people that were staying in the room and seemed quite cool, as well as an English guy with his Polish girlfriend, and then later on it turned out all the Australians from Nha Trang were staying here, as was a Dutch guy I met in Nha Trang! I love these moments ❤

Particularly liking ‘Rule 8’, not a ban on sex, just a ban on noisy sex?

The weather didn’t look great but I decided to take a look around Da Lat and see what was going on.

Basically my initial impressions weren’t amazing. Loads of fake technology shops. Like…loads.

Apple’s lawyers would have a field day here
…and here…
and here.

Having wandered around the town a little, I wondered why everyone had said to go to Da Lat? So far, I had cold weather, a very odd high street and not a lot else other than some nice people in the hostel. Even looking for somewhere to eat I wasn’t entirely inspired.

A weird vibe throughout Da Lat

I had a great evening though to turn it around. The hostel I stayed at had a group dinner in the evenings which was an awesome way to chat to everyone whilst having some beers.

I started talking to a group of Scandinavian girls at the dinner who told me about a strange bar they wanted to go to. Without much further persuasion I agreed to accompany them…

100 Roofs Bar

About a 20 minute walk from our hostel, we arrived at the ‘100 roofs bar’, which was the strangest bar i’ve ever been to.

Queuing at the entrance…

You enter a dark maze of many tunnels, many floors, secret rooms and generally odd features, all to try to actually get to the bar without losing your friends.

Err…after you?



Believe it or not, there is actually a bar in here

I’ve got the feeling that allowing drunk people to get lost in a dark and steep maze in search of further alcohol would be banned in the UK with health and safety laws, but it was great fun! So much so, I came back here the next evening with the Aussies to show them it.

The next day…

Well the day after all my Scandinavian friends had arranged to go canyoneering which actually sounded great fun. Unfortunately they’d organised it the night before and well, I’m not that organised so I didn’t go along.

Instead I decided to keep with the strange stuff and go visit ‘Crazy House’.

Crazy House

Basically what it sounds like. A 30 minute walk from the hostel was a very oddly designed house you could go take a look at. They were even building to expand it whilst I was there and it was already HUGE.







And yeah, some exploring of the Crazy House, some lunch, another group dinner, beers, and going to the 100 roofs bar was my day 50. I’d passed the halfway point of my trip!

Where to next?


Yeah that’s right, I took the 750km 16 hour journey to Hoi An which would get me in Hoi An in the early hours of the morning. This would be my first sleeper bus journey!

I ended up getting the bus with some other people from the hostel and shortly before boarding the bus, it appeared a Vietnamese man was having to be restrained by a few others having attempted to stab someone. Maybe it was the right time to escape here after all.


Lets just say it wasn’t the best journey but it wasn’t the worst either. The driver wasn’t a maniac which was good, and we stopped at Nha Trang which allowed me to stretch my feet, get some dinner and board again for the onward journey to Hoi An.

For someone that’s just about 6ft, the seat wasn’t big enough and it meant my feet were all squidged in which wasn’t very comfy but i’ve had worse.


And so I reclined my seat for some sleep, as the following morning, i’d awake in one of my favourite places of my travels… Hoi An.




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