Day 19 – Return to Bangkok

Not much to report on this day so I’ll keep it quite brief.

After a long sleep and some breakfast in my little room in Kanchanaburi I said my goodbyes and I got the same train back to Bangkok that I had taken a few days earlier.


Typically with transport, it was an hour late, so I arrived back in Bangkok at about 6pm and took a taxi to my hostel I’d pre booked on hostelworld.

The hostel itself was really nice and clean, it had the comfiest beds I have ever slept in, and had a nice open common area to chat to people.

Soon after putting my things down I was in my 4 bed dorm. One guy was Korean and said literally nothing in the entire time I was there. However I quickly made friends with a Dutch guy that was probably in his 30’s and a very social girl about my age from Canada. It didn’t take long to decide to go get drunk on Khao San Road…

Whereas the evening started out as just the three of us, it probably ended with about 15 of us drinking together.

Every bar we went to, the Canadian girl invited more and more people to join and drink with us. It started with two lovely German girls that had just started their travels, and then some German lads that were heading to the south of Thailand, and then some British girls, and then a Thai man and it quickly culminated in us getting very drunk very quickly.


In the end we had a table that stretched the entire length of one of the bars and a lot of the large beer pourer things.


The rest of the evening is a mystery.


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