Day 8, 9 and 10 – Koh Tao

Oh Koh Tao, I had such high hopes for you…

I’m merging these days into one post because I was ill for most of the time. So far on my trip I’ve either had bites, sun burn or illness and it was time for some illness.

Much like all travel in Thailand, organising getting to Koh Tao was as easy as asking the receptionist at our hotel in Krabi to buy us 2 tickets and it was done. The actual travelling part is long hot and boring.

We got picked up at 6:30am on a minibus that dropped us off at a random location with loads of other travellers where we of course caught another bus.


The bus then drove until about 9am to  the pier near Surat Thani where we were given more stickers to get the ferry to Koh Tao.


The ferry then seemed to take fucking ages to get to Koh Tao as it stopped at Koh Samui and Koh Phangnan first, everyone’s stickers dictating which stop they were going for.

The most eventful thing that happened on the ferry was eating a bag of seafood crisps that seemingly got me high. I was busy giggling like a child and making terrible jokes to Patrick about the word Koh Tao.

‘Hey Patrick, we’re staying in a hostel not a Ho-Tao’

‘Chris you’re high’

‘Tao me about it’


‘I hope the hotel isn’t too far out of the Tao-n’

It continued until I could laugh no more and Patrick went to get air from me on the ferry deck.

Still eventually we arrived on Koh Tao in the sweltering heat to take another ‘taxi’ (pick up truck) that dropped us off at our hostel by 3pm.

Apart from our first night, up until this point Patrick had wanted to stay in private rooms which was okay because there wasn’t much price difference. When we looked to book for Koh Tao, we booked a hostel as private rooms were expensive.


The hostel was meant to be a 6 person dorm but in the end we had 7 people. There was Gabriel, a nice guy from Brazil, Danielle, a quiet girl from California, a couple of loud German speaking girls, one of which was from Austria and a guy from Sweden.

When we first arrived in the dorm, there was no one else in the room at the time so we put our bags down and headed to the beach.


Sand-wise (is that a word?) it was okay but the sea was quite shallow. One of the girls later remarked that this beach (Sairee) was good for drinking but others on the island were much better for relaxing which is probably true.

We went back to the hostel before setting back out again to have some drinks by the beach. We ended up finding a rather nice bar that had live fire shows you could watch whilst having a cool one.


Unfortunately the performers had a habit of chucking the fire in the air and only about  50 percent of the time actually managing to catch it again. Still it was certainly entertaining.

When we returned to the dorm, me and Patrick went to sleep and the others that had gone out came back later than us whilst we were sleeping.

The next day was when the problems started for me.

I’d actually had a minor headache for a couple of days but hadn’t thought much of it but then the diarrhoea started.

Gabriel from Brazil who was a really genuine guy joined our dorm on our second day and we went to get a meal with him.


I had a lovely pesto penne pasta meal but couldn’t finish it before I started feeling really bad. I apologised to Patrick and Gabriel and fast paced myself back to the room. You can guess the rest.

Soon I was tucked up in bed and this is really when my Koh Tao adventure stopped.

This was the sight of me for the rest of the trip:


In bed feeling sorry for myself.

When everyone went out in the evening, I tried to join but after half an orange juice I felt terrible and went back to the room. It was a pity really as I never got to know the Californian girl who seemed very nice as she left quite soon after from our dorm to do a diving course. When I slept I had a fever that meant I was either really hot or cold and I couldn’t keep any food or drink down at all.

What made it worse was Papa Patrick was loving it, losing beer pong to a German ( and apparently falling off a table drunk?!), and getting to know the others in our dorm.

So this was my Koh Tao experience really. I had loads of people tell me that Koh Tao was the best bit of Thailand but unfortunately for me it was probably the worst. I really liked the charm and relaxed nature of the island, even if it was a little touristy and pricier compared to other bits of Thailand but all I can feel of my time there was disappointment. Hopefully I shall get to dive somewhere else and make up for it!


2 thoughts on “Day 8, 9 and 10 – Koh Tao

    1. Interesting, I shall bear it in mind. I kept getting told to drink plenty of fluids but my reaction was actually not to eat or drink anything. I’m sure in my next 90 days the sickness will be back through!


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