Day 7 – Krabi

So here we were in Krabi, by far the hottest place we’d been so far at around 38 degrees and we were sweltering. After getting up and realising we had no clothes left, we popped around the corner to this rust bucket of a launderette and for the first time in my life I used a washing machine. Oh the sheltered life that I live…


Whilst we waited the 50 minutes for the machine to do its thing we found a place to have breakfast and play a game of pool. Soon coming back, collecting our clothes, hanging them at the hotel and catching the ‘bus’ (actually just a white coloured pickup truck for 50 baht) to Ao Nang beach.


We pretty much chilled here for the day. Me and Patrick went around all the little shops at the start looking to buy a plastic football for the sea but were getting quoted quite silly prices so went to the beach and swam without one. I then later went back to one of the shops and put the Chrissy G charm to the max, asking her if the price she quoted was the special price I deserved, giggling and offering her a kiss on the cheek befor eventually securing us a plastic football and a frisbee for around the price we were being quoted before.



After an enjoyable afternoon, we made our way back and had a nice little meal in Krabi town to end our day. Both of us had some Thai food from a restaurant that was quite busy, probably because it was busy trying to flaunt its endless trip advisor certificates of excellence. It came across a bit kiss ass to me and when we asked them where our drinks were when we’d been waiting a few minutes, they kept profusely apologising as if they were losing half a star on the reviews.


Still, despite all that it was a nice enough meal and we soon headed back before we would be off to Koh Tao the next day.


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