Day 6 – Road to Krabi

We started the day by having breakfast at the hotel (the fruit platter I ordered was disappointingly just endless pineapple!) before packing our things and waiting for our minibus transfer to take us to Krabi.

So the minibus arrived about 1230, and we went around the hotels picking up various different people until the very worn out minibus was completely full and we made our way on it to the central bus station to change bus for our actual bus to Krabi.
The next 4 hours was nothing short of horrific so let me try to describe it.


The air conditioning wasn’t properly working and it was a blazing hot day in a packed minibus with largely any leg room that was in a terrible state. There were flies everywhere and Patrick and a few others were constantly clapping their hands together to try to kill an endless swarm of bugs. And as always, the driver drove like a bank robber.

One of the passengers decided he’d had enough and started very loudly protesting to the driver telling him he wanted his money back and an air conditioned bus. It got to the point the driver had to pull in and the Indian passenger was arguing with the driver outside the bus. As much as I had some sympathy with the Indian man, he was being a complete dick about it all and it was a pointless protest.


He was getting so irate and tried to call the police and the bus company but neither were having any of it. One of the Thai guys on board with his wife and child refused to translate for him. Me and Patrick got out and told the guy he was just delaying us and eventually he got back in the minibus and we set back off.

The journey wasn’t very comfortable and the Indian man started to loudly play his music in an attempt to wake people up. When he placed his music in the ear of the Thai guy that wouldn’t translate for him, me and Patrick who were sat behind this twat of a man told him in no uncertain terms that he would have to deal with us if he continued.

Eventually we pulled up and got a ‘taxi’ i.e a pick up truck to take us to our Krabi hotel.


The hotel was fairly basic but nice, and the woman that owned the place seemed really nice.


It was located just outside of Krabi town and in the evening we walked to the town and to the night market with nice cheap food. My favourite were the sausages but there were all kinds -big spring rolls were 10baht each (20p).



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