Day 5 – Phuket

Apologies I didn’t take any pictures of this entire day at all it seems!

So we’d originally booked 2 nights in our hotel in Phuket (day 3+4) but had decided we wanted to spend one more day there.

When we spoke to the very lively receptionist the day before she told us she had no rooms for the next day, so we’d quickly gone onto hostelworld and booked us a new ‘twin’ room, at a hotel about 5 minutes drive away. Typically as soon as we did this, a room became available for us at our first hotel but c’est la vie.

Our day started very hungover from the previous nights antics and we got up about 11, so that we could checkout by 12.

We’d soon said goodbye and a short taxi journey later, we’d checked into our rather new colourful hotel with flamboyant staff and a twin bed that had one sheet between it and one large duvet. It seems like I’d booked a gay hotel!

We did nothing particularly exciting on this day to write about really. After arriving, we wandered the streets trying to find a place that sold pizza for lunch, and then after the 100,000 offers of massage we’d been given since arriving in Thailand, we finally got ourselves a massage from a shop nearby our hotel.

We entered and it seemed family run, Patrick opted for a foot massage and I went for a head and shoulders massage. My massage certainly had a focus on head and shoulders, though it turned more into a full body massage. Before anyone asks, no there was not a happy ending, I had my shorts on the entire time and it was a quite legitimate and painful massage!

Having walked out of the shop feeling like I had a brand new set of shoulders, we went back to the room, where Patrick dozed in anticipation of the Spurs v Arsenal game.

At about 7:20pm we headed to try to find a bar and after a little hunting we found a restaurant showing a dodgy poor quality stream of the game. There was a Swedish guy also watching the stream that was a Malmö and Arsenal fan and we watched the football as I had a side of bruschetta.

Let me say, every time Arsenal scored,conceded etc, Patrick made sure the whole world knew about it. When Arsenal scored their first goal, there was a Thai woman that seemed completely and utterly in shock at his celebration as he shouted so loudly.

The quality of the stream was so poor that at half time we changed bars and were the only customers in the next bar. It was run by a nice gentleman called Vincent and his Thai lady who brought us many Changs.

I watched out the Arsenal game and Patrick stayed longer at the bar to watch the Bournemouth game so I retired to bed…


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