Day 3 -Phuket – Pat Pong

So day 3 was upon us and we were moving from Bangkok to the popular tourist destination of Phuket.

Our flight on Nokair was at 1130 and so our hostel provided us a free breakfast. There were three options on their menu, I chose the muesli, fruit and yogurt which was lovely, and Patrick had scrambled egg on toast that looked equally good.

I’d stayed up the entire night with jetlag with me sleeping from about 8pm-1am and 6am-7am, but by the morning I was absolutely covered in bites (and still am). I’m not sure if these were from the bugs, flies etc from being outside, or I’m starting to think it could have been bed bugs. Either way, these bites are disgusting are all on my ankles do, arms and hands. Patrick on the other hand had a total of zero bites so finally his luck came in.

We got a taxi to the airport at 830am and the traffic today wasn’t so bad, so we got to DMK airport at about 930am and checked in to our flight. My main rucksack is now about 8.5kg and I’ve already decided that when Patrick goes, I’ll be giving him lots of things to take back with me as I’ve packed far too much and the laundry services here are 50baht (about £1) per kilo gram of washing and ironing.

The flight was unenventful really. It cost us £20 including bags and a free muffin on board with a drink, pretty good if you ask me for a budget airline.


We arrived at the airport, waited about 10 minutes for our bags to arrive and made our way to the taxi to our hostel at Pat Pong beach.

Due to the small price difference, we’d booked a private twin room.


At a cost of about £8, I feel we did fairly well, decent room with tv, fridge and beds with ensuite toilet and shower. Oh and a balcony with a lovely view of nothing that ensured we could hear the very loud calls from prayer from the mosque.

A common theme of our trip seems to be blood and Patrick immediately spotted blood on the sheet of my bed. My luck really had shifted to him.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures for the next part but after checking in, we headed to Pat Pong beach which was a 10 minute walk from the hostel. We went swimming, sun bathing and just relaxed. I didn’t take pictures because I didn’t want to leave my phone unattended on the beach in case it got taken, probably slightly cautious of me too seeing as I brought two phones with me.

The beach here has lovely clear sand and is easy to walk on unlike some of them. The sea was nice though we got these weird pinprick sensations whilst swimming which I think might have been the very fine sand hitting our skin.

I got some battered prawns with sweet chilli sauce made for me to snack on from some dodgy looking street stall that sat me down on the tiniest dirty kids chair and table which I really wish I had pictured, and then we headed back to the hostel.

We were tired so got some dinner at a local restaurant for about £2 all in each. Let me rephrase that, we devoured some food. I had some noodles with something or other and Patrick had something or other I can’t remember with sweet chilli sauce.


We booked a day trip for Koh Phi Phi, Maya Bay, and Khai Island for the next day via the hostel for Day 4.




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