Day 2 – Bangkok

So following our flight we arrived at our hostel at around 11am.

Neither of us were really that excited about Bangkok and we had only planned the one day there accordingly.

The hostel was just off the famous Khao San Road where all the action takes place. All we had to do to get there is walk down a lovely alley which Patrick helpfully spotted had blood down it probably from a drunken fight.

It was nice enough but basic. I didn’t take any pictures as our room was literally a small room with two sets of bunk beds, but it did the job.

Patrick chose top bunk so I took bottom and Patrick’s misfortunes continued as he noticed dried blood on his sheets…lovely!

We left our bags there wondering who our roommates would be and soon went to explore Khao San road.

Soon enough, we’d made our way to an Irish bar and started drinking Chang. I think me and Chang beer are going to get accustomed in my time in Thailand seeing as in my first day I ended up having 6 of them. To accompany the Chang I had some spring rolls and sweet chilli dip.


Patrick was tired from having to slum it next to two strangers on the last flight so we headed back to the hostel where he slept for a couple of hours and I wrote the last blog entry.

The vague plan I made after that was to go to Wat Pho but whilst we wandered about we never ended up finding it. In honesty we didn’t put much effort into finding it.

On our doomed mission I encountered my first ‘hey you’re white where are you from’ – though the guy was trying to sell tickets for something to do with a Buddha.

Other things I did included taking a picture of this but I no idea what it is…


In the evening we had a few beers at the hostel and chatted to a Norwegan about the prices in London. Our roommate for the evening arrived, a guy called Ethan that was our age and seemed okay. He was from the UK and had arrived that afternoon on a flight and he generally slept the entire time we were there.

After our beers, we went to Khao San road and had…yes…more beer.



The strip was fairly busy and I had some Pad Thai to sober me as I was a little tipsy by this point. We of course spent some of the evening trying to work out if the person dancing (fully clothed I might add!) was a lady or ladyboy. Being Thailand we settled on ladyboy bsut I really couldn’t tell.

We headed to bed and I ended up staying up all night as I was jetlagged and didn’t feel tired. We knew the next day would bring our journey to Phuket…


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